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5 Paint Trends for Home Exteriors

So you’ve nailed interior color for 2019 and are now working your way to the outside. While you may spend more time looking at the interior walls of your home, curb appeal starts with the exterior of your home. Your landscaping may be immaculate but if your home’s paint job has seen better days, guess what people are going to notice first? Hint: it’s probably not the finely sculpted hedges. 

Gibraltar by Sherwin Williams

Looking for something neutral that isn’t a variation on white? We are loving Gibraltar for home exteriors, especially if you are aiming for a refined coastal vibe. Pairing well with virtually any accent colors, you bring a little pizazz to the exterior of your home by matching this deep gray with an accented front door (we’re thinking bright green) or keep is subtle by sticking to white as an accent color. 

Paint Sample For The Color Gray


Versatile Gray by Sherwin Williams 

The name may be a little misleading but we would venture to bet that this color would look good on virtually any home. Classic and subtle, Versatile Gray may be the perfect color for you if you are looking to keep things simple with a clean palette. Don’t forget! Sticking with a neutral color can help with resale efforts

Paint Swatch

Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams 

In a similar color family as Gibraltar, Salty Dog screams Americana. Because of the rich nature of the color, Salty Dog works best when paired with neutral colors such as gray, white, and cream. If you are feeling more on the eclectic side, you can also match the variation on navy with a brighter accent color like yellow. 

Home Paint Samples

Irish Cream by Sherwin Williams

The beigest of beiges, Irish Cream is another universally popular and widely accepted (looking at you, HOA’s) exterior paint color that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Pairing well with virtually any accent colors, Irish Cream abandons fleeting trends and sticks with what it knows works.

Paint Swatch For Paint


Hunt Club by Sherwin Williams 

If earthy is the main word you use to describe your personal aesthetic, this one is probably for you. Hunt Club is a deep enough color to make your house stand out but muted enough to prevent you from being THAT house on the block. Be careful though- you’ll want to stay away from pairing Hunt Club with anything too bright or rich. Stick with muted versions of your favorite accent colors like cream and deeper reds and yellows. 

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