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5 Paint Colors We Can’t Get Enough Of

Picking paint for your home can be one of the more taxing decisions that you make. Making an impulse decision on paint can leave you avoiding a room entirely, regretting your decision to have a purple accent wall. When it comes to paint, don’t make any fleeting decisions. Most places offer small samples that you can purchase in order to “test colors” before making a commitment. Not sure where to even start when it comes to picking paint? Here are five colors we think you will love and will withstand the test of time-

Looking to warm a room up? Westhaven (or a similar color) may be an excellent choice for you. We personally love it in open concept living rooms and bedroom spaces. Because of it’s rich, deep color, you’ll want to stick to using this color as an accent wall versus a whole room color.

Meet “Lakeside”. This subtle gray is versatile and can be used as an accent wall color or to paint a whole room. Because of it’s subtle, neutral nature it can be paired with virtually any design or color pallet.

Similar to “Lakeside”, “Dumpling” is another nice alternative to white that can be used across your home in virtually any room. The cooler cousin to “Eggshell”, this color pops enough without being over bearing and spans design styles. Whether you have a mid century modern feel or have more rustic taste, this color is bound to look good in any room or across your entire home.

Another option to warm up any room in your home, “Sea Mariner” is a beautiful slate color that makes for a great accent wall in bedrooms, home offices and living rooms. We recommend pairing it with bright furniture so as to overwhelm a space and make it look like a cave.

Another subtle color to wrap things up, “Clean Slate” provides a subtle twist on the classic white or eggshell but doesn’t take over a room. Because of it’s quiet nature, we recommend it as a full room color or even your whole home.

What colors are you feeling this year? Not into any of the color above? Check out some of our other painting guides and get inspired:

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