Sure, there are a few home projects you can push off to next summer but then there are a small handful that will destroy your home and your wallet if you don’t act fast.

Owning a home is expensive, especially when there is a problem but getting ahead of a minor problem can save you hundreds if not thousands! So stop what you are doing and take care of these right now. Here are five repairs that cannot go on being ignored.

Roof: One of the most important repairs a homeowner can make. Roofs are expensive and there is a reason why, they protect your family and your possessions from the elements. If you see a leak, get a roofing team out to your home as soon as possible. Leaks can turn into something larger if you don’t handle it quickly.

Electrical: Lights not working, warm electrical plates and shortages can be a sign something bigger is happening. The biggest thing that can result from faulty electrical work? A FIRE. This is not a DIY project but one for the pros.

Pipes: Leaky pipes that continue to leak after being turned on can be a big issue in your home, especially if the pipe is located upstairs. Avoid flooding, stains and issues and get a plumber out to your home as soon as you notice a leak that won’t go away.

Landscape: Have bushes or a tree that are growing out of control or over hanging on the home?  Seeing roots that are heading toward your home? Avoid potential fires and future foundation problems by getting a professional out to trim and monitor your greenery.

Foundation: Seeing cracks in your basement flooring or on the side of your home are big signs that something is not right. The tricky part about foundation issues is determining whether or not that little crack is a little or big issue. The best way to figure it out? Call the professionals!

These problems have huge potential to really hit your home and wallet hard if you let them go un-repaired. Don’t wait and visit Hire it Done, we pre screen and background check all of our contractors. It’s our mission to give every homeowner a hassle free home improvement experience.