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5 Green Grass Tips You Can DIY

Getting the green lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy is less difficult than you think. With proper care and some extra work, you can help your grass to grow green and healthy. Here are five DIY tips to do the job on your own.



Getting green grass for the summer begins in the fall. That’s when you should be aerating your yard! Doing this is necessary in order to help the lawn from compacting too much, which can cause problems with water drainage and nutrient absorption in the grass. It also helps organisms like earth worms to survive and help keep the soil healthy.


While you can hire someone to aerate for you, it’s also cheap to rent an aerator or, if you want to invest and buy one, consider a handheld aerating tool. If you have a big lawn, keep in mind that there are larger aerating tools available as well. When you’re aerating your yard, be sure to check for sprinkler heads so you don’t accidentally clip them!


Water at Specific Times

Watering the yard is important, but the time you water makes a huge difference in how effective the water is to the grass. If you water the grass overnight, the water might sit and mold. If you water during the day or when it’s too hot, the water could steam and damage the grass, or evaporate before the soil can absorb it. Watering the grass during the early morning, just before the sun rises is the perfect time.


While you want to keep the earth from drying out, it’s also possible to over-water. Try to aim for an inch of water, once a week, to help the roots of the grass grow strong.


Mow Your Lawn

This one doesn’t seem like it would have a big effect on the color of your grass, however mowing your lawn to just the right length helps to prevent the grass from burning and keeps the roots healthy. When mowing your lawn, cut your grass with a sharp lawnmower blade, and keep the grass at about 2-3 inches tall.


Use Fertilizer

Some people like to keep their lawns au naturale, however if your goal is to have the greenest grass on the block, you’ll likely have to rethink that strategy. Using an organic fertilizer can help promote grass growth and prevent weeds and pests. Whether you’re using a granule or liquid fertilizer, it’s pretty simple: you spray or distribute it onto the grass, and you’re good to go. Always follow the instructions that come with your fertilizer, as that will be the most effective way to use it.


Use Your Lawn Clippings

Don’t toss out your lawn clippings or waste from the garden! While you can’t replant these things, they can help give nutrients to your lawn if you use them – and it’s super easy. To grass-cycle, just leave your grass clippings on the lawn rather than raking them up. The clippings will decompose and return the nutrients in them back into the ground. It’s an easy and free way to get the green grass of your dreams.


Getting a green lawn doesn’t mean having to hire help or spending a ton of money. If you want to DIY, it should be simple to grow and maintain green grass in your yard.

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