So you’ve got your Alexa, your smart light bulbs, your Ring– by and large, you consider yourself and your house “smart”. But what about your kitchen? Here are 4 “smart” appliances to help take your kitchen to the next level:

Samsung Family Hub 3.0

This is the fridge of the future. Boasting a screen that is probably bigger than your first TV- 21.5inches- the fridge is designed to be a “hub” for your family; it even has the ability to mirror your Samsung Smart TV. Loaded with apps, you can rattle off a grocery list to your fridge in the morning and pull it up as you hit the grocery store on your way home. Loaded with three cameras, it assigns expiration dates and nutritional information all while being able to tell you what’s available to make for dinner that night. In reality, it’s pretty much a personal assistant disguised as a refrigerator.

Instant Pot Smart Wifi 

Instant Pot’s have been on the cooking scene for a few years now and chances are you either have one or know someone who does. But have you heard about the Smart Wifi version of the kitchen appliance? With the simple downloading of the Instant Pot App, not only will you have access to HUNDREDS of recipes but you can control your Instant Pot from the palm of your hand while you’re away. Not only will get be able to monitor your meal from afar but you’ll get notifications from the appliance as well. What a time to be alive!

Kitchen Aid Smart Oven

How many times have you left the house only to make it two miles away and be struck with the “Did I turn the oven off?” thought? Probably more than your care to admit or can count. With the Kitchen Aid Smart Oven, not only can you check to see if you actually turned the the oven off but you can also preheat that bad boy on your way home from work at night so dinner is ready to pop in as soon as you get home. Additionally, you can program the oven if you make specific dishes on a regular basis or use your Google Home or Alexa to send commands to the oven.


If you’re looking for something on the smaller and less expensive scale but still as smart as the other products, check out the Meater. Developed by Apption Labs, Meater allows you to wirelessly monitor the temperature of meat from your smart phone via an app. It’s pretty simple- you insert the thermometer prior to cooking in, sit back and wait for your meal to be done. The range varies depending on which model you purchase but can be used with virtually any cooker from over to grill to smoker.

Are you migrating to a smart kitchen? What are some of your must have gadgets or appliances? We’d love to hear how your taking your kitchen and cooking to the next level!