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4 Reasons to NEVER DIY Exterior Paint

Maybe you’ve painted the interior of your house before. You decided to make a color change, you bought a new house that had wild wallpaper, or just wanted to touch up some blemishes.  Even if your interior paint job looks amazing, painting the exterior of your whole is a whole other animal. While it may seem like a way to save money, realistically there are many reasons to never DIY the exterior paint of your house.


Time is money, so if you’re planning on painting the exterior of your house on your own to save money, you may not necessarily be doing that. Painting the outside of your home requires not just the actual process of painting but researching what to do. Going to the hardware store to get products and supplies, and cleaning up once the job is over.

You may think you’re saving time by doing it yourself because you can get to work as soon as you’d like to, it may actually save you time to have a professional bring their own tools, paint, and clean. Plus, if there are any issues with the paint job, the pros will come back and quickly fix it. If you paint it yourself, you may continue to repeat whatever mistake was made the first time around!


Unless you’re an artist, you may not be as skilled in painting as you think you are. Sure, painting an actual picture is different than painting a house, but it’s not as easy as slapping some paint on a brush. If you want the trim on your home to be straight, and the paint to not be patchy, you may get a higher quality paint job from a professional. Something else to keep in mind is how much detail your house has. If there is a lot of intricate designs and you’re not great at painting them, it could turn out looking sloppy. Because professionals in your area deal with the weather conditions all the time, they’ll know what extra precautions or specific details they’ll need to pay attention to to make your paint job last.

Guaranteed Work and a Warranty

Hiring a professional painter also ensures that if for some reason the paint job isn’t up to standard or for some reason has any damages, it’s covered. Most professional paint companies have some type of warranty, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. And, if for some reason the paint job begins to fade, you’ll have a time frame in which it will be fixed for free – whereas if you paint it on your own you’ll have to make the corrections yourself.


Most times, people choose to paint their home to save money. Once you factor in a lot of the supplies, time, and quality of the paint job, there’s a good chance more money is being spent than saved. While most people think about the paint, brushes, and even tape, they don’t think about the big money items like ladders, drop cloths, special tools for certain designs, and extra paint items like primer.

One big money factor is if you first try to paint yourself and it turns out bad. Then not only did you spend money on the supplies and waste time trying to paint, but you’ll also have to spend money to hire a professional.

While it may seem like a good idea, there are definitely more reasons to never DIY exterior paint on your house. Hiring a professional will likely save you money and time, and will guarantee that the paint on your home looks good.

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