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4 Fall Home Improvement Projects with the Best Return

It’s officially fall, ya’ll! Leaves are falling and cooler temps are starting to make their appearance. With the change in seasons, comes a change in your homeowner to do list. Here are four things that should be on your radar this season:

Yard Aeration

Aerating your yard is a project that doesn’t make much difference on the surface but can have far reaching effects on your over all landscaping success. Aerating your yard entails relieving soil compaction facilitating growth. As your yard gets walked and played on, the soil becomes compacted, restricting the ability of nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. Aeration pokes tiny holes in the soil providing a more direct route for air, water and nutrients to get down below the surface.

Paint the Front Door

We’ve all driven by that house in the neighborhood that has somehow managed to paint their door the perfect color to add some curb appeal without being annoyingly bright or gaudy. Painting your front door is more than likely a project you can undertake on your own in a weekend. Looking to swap the door out entirely? You have options from wood to steel to fiberglass, all with their own set of perks.

Replace Your Roof

Alright, alright- this project is definitely on the upper end of projects both in terms of monetary and time investment. Unlike painting your front door, this is something no homeowner should undertake on their own, regardless of their perceived DIY skill set. You’re in luck though- we have an arsenal of experienced roofers at your disposal ::wink wink::. When considering replacing your roof, you should start with getting a certified, Hire it Done contractor out to take a look and see what actually needs to be done. If you haven’t experienced significantly bad weather or can remember the last time your roof was replaced, chances are you may not need to do so. Under most circumstances, you can expect your roof to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years before it needs to be replaced.

Update/Service Your HVAC

Servicing your HVAC system should be on your yearly to do list regardless of it’s current condition. HVAC problems can easily turn from repair to replacement in no time flat and the last thing you want to go to click on the heat only to hear silence and feel no warmth. We recommend having your HVAC system looked at by a pro twice year, specifically during spring and fall, before peak use seasons set it.

Do you have any other fall home improvement projects on your radar? What are some of your must do’s before family starts rolling in for the holiday season?

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