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1/17 Clean Your Furnace Filter

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1/17 Caulk and Weather Stripping

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3/6 Home Lighting Benefits >
4/4 Cooling Costs >
4/4 Curb Appeal >
8/21 How Do You Read Your Meter >
8/21 5 Questions for Your Contractor >
11/8 Wood Rot >


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1/17 Ryan from Pritchard

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11/8 What Type of Contractor to Hire >


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August 2010 Gauge Lawn Watering>
August 2010 WD-40: What's in a name?>
August 2010 Look for Leaks>
August 2010 Check Your Foundation>
September 2010 Timeless Tip: Bring It In>
September 2010 Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite>
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November 2010 Winter Pests: They're looking for a place to hang their hat. Why not your home?>
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November 2010 How To Set a Realistic Remodeling Budget>
November 2010 Why You Should Hire A Professional Home Inspector>
November 2010 Banging Water
November 2010 Insulation–What does it do?>

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Windows Sweating>
November 2010 What To Wrap Up Before Winter>
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November 2010 An Introduction To Your Roof>
November 2010 Ahh, The Trusted Handyman>
December 2010 An Introduction To Your Homes Electrical System>
December 2010 Winter Energy Saving Tips>
December 2010 Get A Commitment, Then Get An Estimate>
December 2010 Preparing Your Roof For Winter>
December 2010 Understanding Energy Efficient Windows>
December 2010 10 Ways To Winterize Your Home Now>
December 2010 Winter's Biggest Threats To Your Home>
December 2010 Don't Go Into Home Improvement Hibernation>
December 2010 I Hate That Dam Ice..err..Ice Dam!>
December 2010 The Difference Between Caulking and Weather Stripping and Which Do You Need?>
December 2010 Why You Should Have Your Chimney Inspected>
December 2010 Carbon Monoxide And Your Home>
December 2010 Got Icicles?>
December 2010 Should You Have A Humidifier This Winter?>



Great shows. No I am hooked on Saturday mornings as well as Sundays.  Question: Your info on all the big projects is great, but I have lots of little projects...like putting in a new vanity or changing the fixtures in the shower...I hesitate to call one of the big guns for such little jobs...can you make some suggestions...

PS. I still recommend Tittle to all my neighbors...

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Bad contractors are usually very likeable and promise you lots of good things at very reasonable prices. Unfortunately, they can’t usually follow through on their promises and may not be around to actually finish the job at...

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